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Yes, fellow citizens, that well-regarded institution, Congress, is trying to see if they can further add to your woes while trying to do a little “revenue raising”:

[Rep. James] Oberstar, D-Minn., said his committee [House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee] is working on the next long-term highway bill. He estimated it will take between $450 billion and $500 billion over six years to address safety and congestion issues with highways, bridges and transit systems.

“We’ll put all things on the table,” Oberstar said, but the gas tax “is the cornerstone. Nothing else will work without the underpinning of the higher user fee gas tax.”
At the very least, the gas tax should be indexed to construction cost inflation,[Rep. Peter] DeFazio [D-Ore] said.

Indexed to construction cost inflation? Yeah, that’s the ticket – then you never have to go back and pass an increase, do you?

PAYGO? Seems to be a “nogo”. I would guess no spending cuts are imagined or anticipated.

And, of course, no outside groups are involved in crafting the legislation or suggesting this increase, are there guys?

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association is calling for a 10-cent-a-gallon raise and indexing the tax to inflation. With construction costs soaring because of competition for building materials from China and other developing nations, the tax rate would have to be about 29 cents a gallon to achieve the same purchasing power as the 18.4-cent rate imposed in 1993, the association says.

Of course, as if that’s not bad enough, that’s certainly not all that’s “on the table” for next year’s bill (in anticipation of a Democratic president):

Other ideas that will be on the table when lawmakers write a bill next year including more toll roads and public-private partnerships, congestion pricing and user fees where drivers pay a tax based on how many miles they drive.

But, uh, you know, they’re not really going to raise your taxes or anything if they get a Democrat in the White House.


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